Tuesday, December 1, 2020

all of Laura-Marie's zines

Hi, I'm Laura-Marie.  I'm a 40 year old zinester from California living in Las Vegas, Nevada with my spouse Ming where we help run the interfaith peace organization Nevada Desert Experience.

I've been making zines for 26 years, since I was a freshman in high school.  I estimate I've made more than 200 zines in my lifetime.  Just about all of the zines I have in print are available for trade, so contact me if you're into trading!

My zines are mostly personal zines, or perzines.  I talk about my life.  I have mental health zines, poetry zines, a gardening zine, a vegan cookzine, a zine about serving soup to hungry and homeless people, a zine about the Sacred Peace Walk, an alphabet zine about growing up, a zine of prayers, a zine about the sect of Hinduism I used to do...

My main zine is a mental health zine called functionally ill.  There are 21 issues.  It starts with me getting into "the system" and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Throughout the 21 issues, I talk about voices, moods, radical mental health, what mental illness is, psych meds, being rediagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, applying for Social Security, self-care, other-care, the Icarus Project, family, and feelings.

All 21 issues are in print and available for trade.  Please contact me to put a trade into motion.

My other current main zine is hat genius, a poetry zine.  The latest hat genius is #12.

My poems are mostly autobiographical, mostly short, always freeverse, and sometimes funny in their own way.  I went to grad school for poetry and earned an MFA in poetry, so I know things.  Of course, school's weird, though.  Did I really learn how to write, there?  No, not at all.  But I was influenced.  Enough of that distraction.

All 12 issues of hat genius are in print, and they're all stuffed with accessible, poignant, fun, moving poems.  All are available for trade, so get in touch if you'd like to orchestrate a trade!

Let's see--what's next.

The zine I'm probably most proud of is Lost Child, the alphabet zine I mentioned earlier.  An alphabet zine has one essay or vignette for each letter of the alphabet.

This particular alphabet zine is loosely about my childhood and young adulthood: growing up awkward and damaged--struggling.  Topics include ants, boyfriends, Lopez Lake, a foster kitten, a card game, movie trauma, and not wanting to take off my jacket.

This zine is from September 2015 and is still in print!  Please message me to tell me yes, you'l trade with me.

I have lots of other zines, even a cute little quote zine called Fun Is Free!

But I'm running out of energy and will wrap this up.  Other info you might like to know is that my zines are all photocopied, mostly text-heavy, and are all bound with thread.  I'm willing to ship anywhere on the planet.  So ask me any questions that cross your mind, and see you at a zine fest or in the mail.

Reach me at robotmad at gmail.  Thanks for reading, and have a creative day.