Monday, March 26, 2007

number two is finished and out

Functionally ill #2 is the latest installment in my examination of mental illness from within and without. A long essay "problems with mental illness" discusses the construction of mental illness, stigma, and the words we use to talk about it. There's a detailed description of my trip to the psychiatrist: our fears beforehand, the questions he asked (including, "Who's the president of the United States?"), the prescription of medication, and conflict. Shorter pieces discuss my feelings and choices about medication, a helpful support group Erik and I attended and what happened there, more about what mania is like and how it can make me super-productive or delirious, and the first bi-polar person I ever knew, who threatened to kill my friend Jenny. A poem about suicide graces the back cover. I'll paste its ending.

Not killing myself
exhausts me.
It’s like a swim that never ends,
a long push through
pain to the place where
you’re allowed to die of natural causes.

Free or trade, 20 pages, digest sized, text heavy.

If you would like a copy, please email me at robotmad at gmail dot com, explaining in a sentence or two why you're interested, with your complete mailing address.

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