Sunday, April 6, 2008

another Zine World review

Functionally ill #2 got a good-neutral review in Zine World 25.5.

In a brave move to confront stigmas about the mentally ill, Laura-Marie responds to her bipolar diagnosis by "coming out" and writing about it. She questions presumptions, researches the medications she is prescribed, shares information about resources, and generally gets busy with maintaining the growing network of people who refuse to just take their Lithium and shut up. Quote: "There's nothing inherently wrong with [hearing] voices, but if I have a doctor who makes decisions about what medication I should take on the premise that all voices are bad... I might be prescribed drugs that I don't need."--Jaina Bee


Jaina Bee said...

I just happened upon this and thought I'd say hi. I hope you're still making your fine zine.

Laura-Marie said...

Hi back--thanks for your good wishes. An issue 5 is in the works.